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Electrical Work on Hilltop Circle

From Rusty Postlewate, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management

We apologize for the inconvenience, but power upgrade work for the Research Park will impact the availability of parking on Hilltop Circle and UMBC Blvd.

WHAT: Scheduled power upgrade work

WHERE: Along the outside of Hilltop Circle from Hilltop Rd to UMBC Blvd and along the west side of UMBC Blvd from Hilltop Circle to Research Park Dr

WHEN: August 15 until August 29

WHY: A power upgrade is needed to accommodate planned activity in the Research Park. The upgrade will require installation of an additional electrical line from the intersection of Hilltop Rd & Hilltop Circle to the Research Park,

EFFECT: This work will affect the availability of parking along Hilltop Circle and UMBC Blvd. The parking will only be affected in the immediate area of work being performed at any one time

THANK YOU for tolerance during this work, which is needed to provide adequate utility services. Your patience and cooperation is truly appreciated.

Reminder and Line Up Instructions for Convocation

From Philip Rous, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

We look forward to your participation in Convocation 2011, the formal opening of the academic year at UMBC, Tuesday, August 30, 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the Retriever Activities Center (RAC). I encourage you to participate in the academic procession that symbolizes for our talented and enthusiastic new students the community of scholars they have joined. President Hrabowski will address the gathering and Dr. Lynda Dahlquist, Presidential Teaching Professor for 2011-14, will make brief remarks.


The deadline for ordering rented regalia has passed. If you own your own regalia, you are asked to rsvp for Convocation today, so that seating can be planned, using the form at

Regalia pick-up will take place at the Bookstore beginning August 22. Faculty and staff must pick up their regalia at the Bookstore by August 26. Faculty and staff are asked to return their regalia to the Bookstore after the ceremony.


Faculty and staff are asked to arrive for procession line up no later than 3 p.m. The line-up location is the first floor lobby of the University Center (UC). (The UC is located between AC IV and the Meyerhoff Chemistry Bldg.) There will be a table where faculty and staff can leave personal items and a Student Marshal to attend them. However, this will not be in a locked room; for the best security those marching are encouraged to leave valuables in their offices.

After lining up, faculty and staff will lead the procession of new students through campus to the RAC and will welcome them at the doors to Convocation. In case of inclement weather or the threat of it, announcement of an alternative line-up location will be made on the morning of Convocation.


After Convocation, all faculty and staff are invited to join new and returning students for a free Community Picnic, 4:30-7 p.m., on the Quad. (Rain location will be the Residence Life Dining Hall.)

President Hrabowski and I look forward to seeing you at Convocation – Fall 2011

Hot Water Outage

From Rusty Postlewate, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management

We apologize for the inconvenience, but a significant leak in the high temperature hot water line from the Central Utility Plant requires work to be performed that will impact the availability of hot water service on campus.

WHAT: A scheduled hot water outage

WHERE: For the academic core of the main campus (True Grits and Residential Life buildings will not be affected, except Erickson Hall)

WHEN: 4 PM Monday, August 15 until 6 AM Thursday morning

WHY: A significant leak has developed in the main high temperature (340 degrees) hot water line that provides heat and hot water to the core buildings on main campus. The repair time is quite long due to the size of the line (20” diameter) that has to be drained and allowed to cool, prior to repair

EFFECT: This repair will result in a hot water outage in the academic core of the main campus

Additional information from Chartwells:

– The Skylight Room, Au Bon Pain and Famous Famiglia in the Commons will not be operating on Tuesday, 8/16/11, and Wednesday, 8/17/11.

– Outtakes in the Commons will be in operation and will offer pre-made sandwiches, salads, wraps and other assorted Outtakes items along with baked goods, packaged chips and beverages. Au Bon Pain coffee will be offered at this location.

– Administration Coffee Shop: The Coffee Shop will only be able to offer coffee, pre-packaged Outtakes items as noted above, packaged chips and beverages only.

– True Grit’s will be open (as hot water is provided to this facility from a different source). On Tuesday and Wednesday, Chartwells is offering a special $7.50 rate for an “all you care to eat” lunch each day.

THANK YOU for tolerance during this inconvenient outage, which is needed to provide campus utility services. Your patience and cooperation to accommodate this interruption is truly appreciated.

Traffic Patterns for Move-In Days (8/27 and 8/29)

Residential Life joins the UMBC Community in welcoming our new freshmen and new transfers to campus move-in on Saturday, August 27. Returning residents will move-in into their residential communities on Monday, August 29. The hours for move-in on both days are from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Campus police, Parking Services staff and student volunteers will be assisting in providing traffic direction and assistance during these annual move-in day events.

On Saturday, August 27, freshmen and their parents will arrive on a Saturday this year. Because of this, changes to traffic patterns will have limited impact on the campus community.

On Monday, August 29, returning students and their parents will arrive on a weekday this year, and campus traffic will be altered to provide a welcoming experience as follows:

  • Access to Center Road and Poplar Roads will be restricted to students and parents and day care facility drop-off and pick-up only.
  • The inner loop of Hilltop Circle from Walker Ave to Commons Drive will have many parking spaces dedicated to staging vehicles to turn right onto Center Road and Back Road and unload directly in front of Patapsco Hall in the residential portion of the campus. Left turns from the outer loop of Hilltop Circle onto these interior streets will be restricted at these locations during the hours of 7 a.m.-4 p.m., on August 27 and 29.
  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to arrive on campus via the Highway I-195 corridor to avoid expected traffic delays at other campus entrances, and are encouraged to use their faculty/staff parking spaces in designated lots and also the Hilltop Circle parking spaces on the Academic side of campus for Opening Day.

Pardon the temporary traffic inconveniences as we welcome all of our returning students to campus. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this annual event.

University Counseling Services Closed (8/17 and 8/18)

The Vice President of Student Affairs has approved the temporary closure of University Counseling Services, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Wednesday, August 17, and Thursday, August 18, for a department planning retreat. If there is an emergency during the dates and times of closure, call UMBC Police at ext. 5-5555 to reach our on-call counselor. If you have questions about the closure dates and times, call Dr. J. Ingram, director of University Counseling Services, at ext. 5-2472.

Parking Permits for Upcoming Academic Year

Parking permits for the upcoming academic year go on sale Wednesday, August 10. Eligible faculty/staff currently enrolled in the parking payroll deduction program will automatically be issued a new permit and it will be mailed to you at your campus department in August.

The faculty/staff parking permit annual cost in FY2012 remains $260 for a non-gated permit and $340 for a gated permit. All permits are handled through Parking Services. Permits are assigned to a vehicle(s). Vehicle registration (Parking Account Management) and parking rules & regulations are available online at Contact Parking Services with questions
at ext. 5-2551

For Faculty/Staff, there are two (2) parking zone designations as follows: for non-gated permit holders the zone is ‘D-Purple’ and for gated permit holders the zone is ‘E-Purple’. Gated permit holders will continue to be assigned to a specific parking lot/garage. You will receive a UMBC Parking Map brochure with your permit which illustrates the parking zones by color/letter designation. The modified zone parking for the summer will end on Friday, August 26.

The new permits may be displayed immediately and must be displayed as of Thursday, September 1. Gated permit holders will continue to use their current visor-card with their new ‘E-Purple’ permit.

Permit purchase through parking payroll deduction: Eligible employees who wish to initiate participation in the payroll deduction program may sign up at Parking Services from August 10-23. Payroll deduction enrollment will be accepted for new employees only within two weeks of their hire date from August 24, 2011 to February 21, 2012. Payroll deduction will begin with checks dated September 1, 2011 and continue through checks dated May 24, 2012. The bi-weekly payroll deduction will be $13 for permit and $17 for a gated permit. Permit purchase by check or currency: Purchase your permit at Parking Services. You will need to provide your UMBC ID or driver’s license. Permit purchase by credit card or ACH: Purchase your permit online at: Your permit will be mailed to the address on file. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Discover cards online only.

Faculty and staff who have outstanding debts to UMBC will be required to satisfy them before they can purchase new parking permits. The replacement cost for lost/stolen/misplaced permits and/or visor-cards is $25. All permit replacements are purchased at Parking Services with payment of check or currency. Refunds will not be issued for parking permit fees.