Electrical Work on Hilltop Circle

From Rusty Postlewate, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management

We apologize for the inconvenience, but power upgrade work for the Research Park will impact the availability of parking on Hilltop Circle and UMBC Blvd.

WHAT: Scheduled power upgrade work

WHERE: Along the outside of Hilltop Circle from Hilltop Rd to UMBC Blvd and along the west side of UMBC Blvd from Hilltop Circle to Research Park Dr

WHEN: August 15 until August 29

WHY: A power upgrade is needed to accommodate planned activity in the Research Park. The upgrade will require installation of an additional electrical line from the intersection of Hilltop Rd & Hilltop Circle to the Research Park,

EFFECT: This work will affect the availability of parking along Hilltop Circle and UMBC Blvd. The parking will only be affected in the immediate area of work being performed at any one time

THANK YOU for tolerance during this work, which is needed to provide adequate utility services. Your patience and cooperation is truly appreciated.

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