Thomas F. Schaller, Political Science, in the New Republic and Baltimore Sun

In a new article featured in the New Republic, Thomas F. Schaller, associate professor of political science, argues “there is demonstrable evidence of a gradual ‘House-ification’ of the national Republican Party since the mid-1980s, a trend with important implications for contemporary politics and policy in Washington, as well as the 2012 Republican presidential primary.” Schaller delves into the data behind this assertion and discusses why he believes strategies underpinning the GOP’s “House-ification” have helped the party succeed electorally on some fronts, but have hindered Republican candidates for the Senate and presidency.

Schaller’s latest Baltimore Sun column tackles a different issue: same-sex marriage in Maryland. Shortly after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed his state’s same-sex marriage bill into law, Gov. Martin O’Malley announced his support for a similar bill here in Maryland, and he has received a range of responses from the state’s political leaders. Schaller focuses on comments from black legislators in particular, some of whom identify same-sex marriage as an important civil rights issue and some of whom oppose the right of gay couples to marry through religious arguments.

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