Norris Comments on Johnson Corruption Case for AP

Prince George’s County Councilwoman Leslie Johnson pleaded guilty last week to a single charge of conspiracy to commit evidence and witness tampering, making it clear that “she was a willing accomplice in her husband’s corruption,” the Associated Press (AP) has reported. Despite this development, Johnson did not immediately resign from office, a move UMBC public policy chair Donald Norris called “totally disgusting behavior on the part of a convicted felon.”

“Staying in office is like thumbing her nose at the public,” Norris commented. “There is absolutely nothing proper about what she’s doing, even though it’s legal.” The AP story on her conviction was picked up by the Washington Post, Washington Examiner and Fox News. Following outcry from the county council and broader public, Johnson has now resigned, a week after her guilty plea.

Norris also commented in a recent Washington Post article on the status of Maryland’s bill offering in-state tuition for some undocumented immigrants and the signature campaign challenging it.

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