bwtech@UMBC Referral Fees

bwtech@UMBC Research Park is seeking tenants for our newest building at 5520 Research Park Drive. If you are a UMBC employee who is working with or knows of a company that would be a good fit for bwtech@UMBC and your referral results in a signed lease, you could earn up to $500.

Referral fees are payable to UMBC faculty, staff and alumni for successful referrals of tenants for bwtech@UMBC’s Cyber Incubator and Cync Program, which result in signed leases.

Eligible referrals include tenants who have not already been identified as Cyber Incubator or Northrop Grumman Cync Program prospects by bwtech@UMBC’s marketing team. Please send leads for prospective tenants to Ellen Hemmerly, Executive Director, UMBC Research Park Corporation. Referral fees will be paid by UMBC Research Park Corporation.

Referral fees are payable at the tenant move-in according to the following schedule:

  • $250 for companies who have completed the first stage (due diligence) of admittance into the Cync Program or for companies which enter into the Cyber Incubator
  • $500 for companies who have formally been accepted and enter into the Cync Program

The Northrop Grumman Cync Program is a unique partnership between Northrop Grumman and the Cyber Incubator at bwtech@UMBC, with an eye towards commercializing technology to protect the nation from a growing range of cyber threats. The Cync Program builds on bwtech@UMBC’s successful business-incubation framework by offering a “scholarship program” for companies with the most promising cybersecurity ideas.

Contact Allie Gold at or (443) 543-5047.


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