George S. Everly, Jr., UMBC Training Centers, on Harvard Business Review Blog

The key to not only surviving, but prospering, in difficult times is resilience, notes George S. Everly, Jr., on the Harvard Business Review blog. Everly, the executive director of Resiliency Science Institutes at UMBC Training Centers, writes, “While human resilience may be thought of as a personality trait, in the aggregate, groups, organizations, and even communities can learn to develop a ‘culture of resilience’ which manifests itself as a form of ‘psychological immunity’ to, or the ability to rebound from, the untoward effects of adversity.” He goes on to describe how people and groups can develop the quality of self-efficacy, “the belief in one’s agency and the ability to be a catalyst for change,” which is essential for resilience. Read the post to learn more.

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