Donald Norris, Public Policy, and Todd Eberly ’06, Ph.D., on WYPR’s “Maryland Morning”

UMBC’s Donald F. Norris, chair of public policy, and Todd Eberly ’06, Ph.D., appeared on “Maryland Morning” with Sheilah Kast, exploring the role of “political operatives” in relation to the deceptive robocalls made during Maryland’s 2010 gubernatorial election. Responding to news coverage of the indictment of Julius Henson and Paul Schurick on charges related to the calls, the program interrogates the concept of the “political operative” and what is and is not protected as free speech during a campaign.

Norris also appeared in the Baltimore Sun’s front page story on the U.S. Conference of Mayors last week, where he commented on the impact (or lack thereof) that Baltimore’s hosting of the conference might have on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s reelection bid. He also offered insight on the proposed expansion of the Howard County Council to reflect a growing county population. He asked the key question: “Does a larger or smaller council improve democracy?”

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