Psychology Faculty in the Afro American

The Afro-American recently featured UMBC faculty Shawn Bediako and Danielle Beatty, assistant professors of psychology, and Adia Garrett Butler, psychology lecturer, who received a $3,000 grant from the American Psychological Association to work with Baltimore City High School students to increase the diversity pipeline into psychology. The researchers hope that they can inspire minority students to study psychology in college and beyond.

“Clearly, as you go farther up the career ladder in psychology, there are fewer and fewer people of color,” said Bediako. He said it’s imperative to expose more young people to the career and increase the number of minority students pursuing graduate-level studies.

During the year-long program, called ASPIRE (Applied Social Psychology Intensive Research Experience), the faculty members will mentor three students each, meeting after-school twice-a-month to introduce them to research methods, statistics, scientific writing and dissemination.

The story, “UMBC Faculty Receives Grant to Increase Diversity Pipeline into Psychology,” appeared in the Afro-American on June 16.

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