Zipcar Arrives at UMBC

Starting Wednesday, June 22, UMBC will have two Zipcars, a Toyota Prius and Honda Civic, on campus! The Zipcars will be located in parking spaces on Center Road in front of the Student Success and Development Center. These spaces will be designated with Zipcar signage.

All active faculty, staff and students are eligible to apply for Zipcar membership at

The annual application fee for Zipcar membership is $35 for UMBC affiliates, and applicants will be provided a $35 driving credit by Zipcar.

Once your Zipcar membership is approved, you will receive a Zipcard which will be used to access the vehicles. Zipcar provides gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance. Current Zipcar rates for UMBC affiliates are $8 per hour or $66 per day.

Zipcars can be reserved online or by phone. See for details.


One response to “Zipcar Arrives at UMBC

  1. I’m a UMBC student and I joined Zipcar as an individual last month because UMBC didn’t have a program. Now that it does, how do I set myself as a UMBC affiliate instead? Thanks.

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