Legislative Auditors on Campus

From President Freeman Hrabowski

We received word this week that representatives from the State Office of Legislative Audits are scheduled to begin their audit of the campus on Tuesday, May 31.

The auditors will be on campus for approximately six (6) months reviewing records and processes for the period covering October 1, 2008 through June 30, 2011.

To conduct their review, the auditors will be randomly contacting individual departments to review financial records (e.g., purchasing card, payroll and cash receipt documentation). The Audit Information Sheet accompanying this memorandum is provided as a general guide for your reference in working with the auditors, should you be contacted.

Your cooperation with the auditors in helping to facilitate their reviews is greatly appreciated. I know that everyone continues to work very hard to strengthen operations across the campus, and we welcome the opportunity to work with the legislative auditors to find ways to be even more proficient in our work.

If you have any questions regarding the audit, contact Sharon Doherty-Ritter, in Management Advisory Services, at doherty@umbc.edu or ext. 5-1620.

Thank you.

UMBC Audit Information Sheet

Why Are We Audited?

  • UMBC is a State-supported institution and subject to audit by the Office of Legislative Audits (OLA)
  • The OLA audits all State agencies, including USM institutions, on a 2-3 year cycle, as directed by statute.
  • UMBC may also be audited by USM internal auditors, Federal or State agency auditors, and external CPA forms.

What Should We Do When An Audit Begins?

  • The campus community will be notified via mail and e-mail when the audit is set to begin.
  • Each department should notify Management Advisory Services (MAS) via e-mail to Sharon D. Doherty-Ritter (doherty@umbc.edu) when the auditors begin working in their area.
  • The auditors will follow up on the status of prior audit exceptions. You should have already implemented corrective actions if your department was part of a prior audit exception. Contact MAS if you are not sure.
  • The auditors may audit functions, programs and departments that they have not looked at in previous visits. Be aware that you may be audited, and please be as cooperative as possible.
  • Meet with the auditors working in your area to let them know you are interested in the audit. Request that any findings related to your area be discussed with you to ensure the following:
    • They have not missed something that may be important to the process being reviewed.
    • They speak to the most knowledgeable employees.
    • You have a chance to offer input they may not have considered.
    • You are aware of the exceptions in your area.
  • Keep MAS apprised of any findings communicated to you by the auditors. UMBC is committed to taking a proactive approach to addressing audit exceptions. The sooner we are aware of them, the better.
  • The auditors will hold an exit conference with the campus when the audit is completed to discuss their findings. Departments with audit exceptions will be invited to attend.
  • Contact MAS with any questions you may have regarding the audit on how to respond.
  • Relax – consider the audit an opportunity to strengthen operations rather than criticism of you, your department or UMBC.

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