Curtis Schickner ’12 Elected SAAC President and Appointed America East Representative to National SAAC

Curtis Schickner ’12 was recently elected the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) President on campus by student athletes. In addition to this position, he was nominated to run for the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (National SAAC). He wrote an essay and submitted an application in early February for the position, and the NCAA appointed him the America East Conference representative on May 16.

From the NCAA:

The Division I SAAC consists of one student-athlete from each of the 31 Division I multi-conferences. Members are selected by the Division I Administration Cabinet from a pool of three nominees from each of the represented conferences. Each student-athlete serves a two-year term.

The Division I SAAC reports directly to the Division I Leadership Council. The SAAC chair and vice-chair participate in each meeting of the Leadership and Legislative Council, respectively, in an advisory capacity. In addition, a SAAC member serves in an advisory capacity to each of the six Division I cabinets and several Association-wide committees. It is through these mechanisms that NCAA Division I student-athletes offer input and assist in shaping the proposed legislation by which their division is governed.


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