Jodi Kelber-Kaye, Gender and Women’s Studies, in USDemocrazy/Talking Heads Video

When Maryland’s state legislature sent the Civil Marriage Protection Act back to committee in March, both supporters and opponents of the bill were left with a lot of questions. In this video interview by the student journalists of the USDemocrazy news blog, with support from UMBC’s Talking Heads, Jodi Kelber-Kaye discusses her concerns with how same-sex marriage legislation is addressed in the media, her own work as a marriage equality advocate, where Maryland stands in terms of LGBT representation at the state level, and next steps for the marriage bill. She also offers tips on how young people can become engaged in issues that matter to them by communicating with their state representatives. Kelber-Kaye is a lecturer in Gender and Women’s Studies and director of the Women Involved in Learning and Leadership program at UMBC.


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