Devin Hagerty, Political Science, on “The Marc Steiner Show” and

Following the military operation that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Devin Hagerty, chair of political science, appeared on an hour-long segment of WEAA’s “The Marc Steiner Show.” Hagerty is co-author of “Fearful Symmetry: Indo-Pakistani Crises in the Shadow of Nuclear Weapons” and also edits the journal Asian Security. On-air, he focused on the significance of the Abbottabad location, the impact of this mission on Obama’s presidency and reelection campaign, America’s continued presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s civilian political leadership.

Hagerty was also quoted extensively in’s article on how bin Laden’s death will affect security, addressing the possibility of retaliatory attacks on Americans. “If there were going to be something happening today, this week or this month it would be a more crude attack,” Hagerty said. Security experts will be on alert for more sophisticated, well-planned attacks in the longer term. Hagerty also suggested that Pakistan might become more volatile following bin Laden’s death.


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