Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher, UMBC artist-in-residence, on Baltimore Brew

Following the passing of William Donald Schaefer on Monday, April 18, former Baltimore Sun editorial cartoonist and current UMBC artist-in-residence Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher posted a tribute to the “utterly unique politician who gave 50 years of his life to public service for the people of Maryland.” The post on his Sketchblog features some of his most memorable William Donald Schaefer cartoons and was quickly picked up by Baltimore Brew, which notes, “KAL lovingly reproduced in pen-and-ink drawings Schaefer’s high-domed forehead, verdant jowls and hammed-up moods: sentimental, supremely bored, pugnacious, lecturing, jolly, showman-like and benign.” Thanks to his 17 years at the Baltimore Sun, KAL said, “I had a strange and wonderful relationship with the Governor.” In addition to his residency at UMBC and work with USDemocrazy, KAL is a political cartoonist for the Economist.


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