Construction of New Surface Parking Lot

From Lynne C. Schaefer, Vice President for Administration and Finance

As part of our ongoing efforts to address campus parking needs, we will begin construction on an additional surface parking lot in early May. This new parking lot will be located in the area between Parking Lot #1 and Parking Lot #3 on the east side of campus inside the Hilltop Circle loop. This lot will create 121 new parking spaces.

As shared with campus governance groups, this parking will be designated for Commuter Students (Zone A). This additional parking will be an extension of Lot #1 and will be accessed from Park Road.

During the design of this project, consideration was given to the existing trees and shrubbery at this location. Discussions were conducted with the Landscape and Stewardship Committee. I am pleased to say that we will retain nine existing trees and add 18 more trees, along with over 550 plants (ornamental grasses and ground cover) as part of this project.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in August. During this period, construction activity will impact street conditions and traffic patterns in this area of campus. The contractor will provide appropriate barriers and manpower for traffic management. Everyone is urged to exercise extra care and attention while driving and walking in this area.

We look forward to the completion of this parking initiative to meet the needs of our campus community.


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