Sunil Dasgupta, Political Science, in East Asia Forum

“What do you do when your biggest trading partner is also the country whose unprecedented rise, overseen by an opaque political system, makes you nervous?” asks Sunil Dasgupta, director of UMBC’s political science program at Shady Grove, in a new East Asia Forum op-ed. He continues, “India is not the only Asian state faced with this dilemma about China, but it is one of the countries expected to be a part of the solution. As Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s inimitable minister-mentor, has said: ‘India alone can look China in the eye.'” Read the article to learn more about why Dasgupta thinks “India needs to shed its inhibitions” with regard to engaging in regional diplomacy and other leaders throughout the region “must stop punting the issue and consider seriously the prospect of a new Asian order.”


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