Meyers and Norris on a Possible Government Shutdown

UMBC’s Roy Meyers, professor of political science, and Donald F. Norris, chair of public policy, commented in the news on the potential impacts of a federal government shutdown, which was possible if lawmakers had failed to agree on a budget by Friday, April 8. NPR’s Brian Naylor interviewed Meyers for “Essential Vs. Not: Which Jobs Wouldn’t Shut Down?” to find out which federal employees and agencies would or would not be affected. In the AFP article “Long US Shutdown Would Hit Economy,” Meyers argued, “The anticipatory impacts of the shutdown are just as important” as the direct costs. For example, government contractors may have delayed hiring new staff and built a risk premium into their bids since early this year in anticipation of a possible shutdown. Norris, speaking on WBAL-TV, addressed the impact a shutdown might have on individuals (such as a delay in the issuing of tax refunds for those who file paper tax forms) as well as possible repercussions for the Republican Party, who could potentially be blamed for the inability of Congress to agree on a budget.


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