Diversity, Identity and Inclusion (4/15)

On Friday, April 15, at 11 a.m. in ITE room 229, Mañuel Pérez-Quiñones, associate professor of computer science at Virginia Tech, will present “Diversity, Identity and Inclusion.” He will provide basic definitions of these terms and discuss some of the research literature connected with them them. He will present evidence that supports diversity and inclusion beyond the typical social justice argument. With this as a framing context, Pérez-Quiñones will describe his experiences over the last few years
working in this domain in the context of university administration, professional service activities and researcher. Anecdotally, the stories show incidents of biases, misconceptions, misunderstandings and resistance to change. Based on these experiences, Pérez-Quiñones draws conclusions and provides advice for working in diverse groups, recruiting a diverse graduate student population and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Pérez-Quiñones’s visit to UMBC is sponsored by Women in Science and Engineering, the PROMISE program, the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and
the Department of Information Systems.

Click here for more information, or email mariedj@cs.umbc.edu with questions or to schedule a meeting with Perez-Quinones.


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