Dig with Esther Read, Ancient Studies, Receives Preserve America Award

The Society for the Preservation of Federal Hill and Fell’s Point recently completed the renovation of 1627 Aliceanna St. in Fell’s Point, a rare 18th century wooden structure that once housed the Leeke Academy.. The Society received a Preserve America Steward Award for its use of volunteers on this project. The award is given by the federal government’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for exemplary recruitment and use of volunteers and is signed by Michelle Obama of the White House.

During the awards ceremony, which is planned for late April, Esther Read, lecturer of ancient studies, and her students will be recognized for their work cataloging hundreds of artifacts from the site. They spent many hours painting and scraping walls at 1627 Aliceanna Volunteers from the Fell’s Point Residents Association, which has contributed thousands of dollars for the renovation of Society properties, will also be recognized.

A highlight of the event will be the installation of a time capsule in a wall of the Aliceanna St. property. Attendees will be invited to write down whatever is on their minds that day to be read by others 100 years from now.


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