UMBC’s Big Trees

This past September, two of UMBC’s oldest trees on campus were measured for the Department of Natural Resources’ Maryland Big Tree program. Located on Giffen Hill, the White Oak Quercus alba, also known as the State tree, and the Post Oak Quercus stellata were recorded on the Maryland State Big Tree list. The Post oak measured 79 feet in height, 75 feet in canopy width and 12 feet, 10 inches in circumference, making it the Baltimore County Champion for that species. These trees date back well before the time when the property was occupied by the Baltimore Manual Labor School for Indigent Boys.

The university received certificates of official record for both trees.

More information on Maryland’s Big Tree program is available on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website.


2 responses to “UMBC’s Big Trees

  1. These are lovely trees. Which of the two is the Post Oak? The one in the middle or the one that sits more to the side of the hill? Thanks.

    • According to my notes, the post oak has a slight lean, and the white oak is surrounded on three sides by a metal retaining fence. Hope that helps; we’ve probably measured over 100 trees since then so my memory is somewhat hazy. Once the trees leaf, you can check to find the tree with the leaves that look like crosses–that would be the post oak. The post oak species is a mid-sized oak whereas the white oak can get huge, so in time the size difference will be obvious.

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