Kibibi Voloria Mack-Shelton, Africana studies, in the Times and Democrat

Kibibi Voloria Mack-Shelton, visiting professor in Africana studies, recently signed copies of her book, Ahead of Her Time in Yesterday at the Miller F. Whittaker Library on the S.C. State University. The book chronicles the life of Geraldyne Perece Zimmerman, an educator, activist and community advocate.

The signing took place the day before Zimmerman’s 100th birthday celebration.

“The whole family owes a debt of gratitude to Kibibi for putting that together because we had trouble getting Mom talking about herself,” said D. Malone Zimmerman Jr., Zimmerman’s son.

The singing and celebration were covered in the Times and Democrat.


2 responses to “Kibibi Voloria Mack-Shelton, Africana studies, in the Times and Democrat

  1. What a fabulous story! Kudos and congrats to Dr. Mack-Shelton for bringing this wonderful woman to our attention and preserving her memory for future generations.

  2. Justine Dakin Schoeplein

    I was delighted to arrive home last evening and discover this book in the mail from one of Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman’s grandsons and his wife who recently attended the 100th birthday celebration for this distinguished woman recently in Orangeburg, S.C.
    I would urge the UMBC to make two corrections in your article about Professor Kbibi Voloria Mack- Shelton’s book, as your article lists the title incorrectly as well as Mrs. Zimmerman’s full name.
    Professor Mack -Shelton’s book is properly titled, Ahead of her Time in Yesteryear, and Mrs. Zimmerman’s name is: Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman not Geraldyne Perece Zimmerman as cited in the UMBC article.
    I met Mrs. Zimmerman in California at her grandson’s wedding to my neice a few years ago. I was impressed by her keen mind, spirit, and graciousness.
    At that time, Mrs. Zimmerman was in her early 90’s and enjoying all of the wedding festivities and guests to the full. Having never met her before, I was struck by what a remarkable and engaging person she was, and my life was enriched by meeting and talking with her on that July evening. We live in very dynamic and everchanging times, and I congratulate Professor Mack-Shelton for sharing Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman’s story with us all.
    Justine Dakin Schoeplein, Urbana, Illinois 03/22/11

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