Arbor Day Celebration and PLANT Award Presentation (4/6)

The Landscape Stewardship Committee is sponsoring the Arbor Day celebration and People Loving and Nurturing Trees (PLANT) award presentation on April 6 at noon in the UC plaza. There will be music, poetry, a service-learning tree planting project and more. Students, faculty and staff are invited to sign up as groups or as individuals to plant 220 trees as part of the campus stream bank buffer restoration near the Commons Garage.

For the fourth year in a row, UMBC has obtained the highest level award given by the Department of Natural Resources PLANT program. PLANT is a statewide award program to recognize communities for their tree planting and tree care efforts. Communities range from schools, homeowner organizations and parks to metropolitan areas, cities and towns.

There are four PLANT award levels: bronze, silver, gold and green. Successive levels require more formalized tree care activities. Although a community may remain at any level for an unlimited number of years, the goal of the program is to encourage a community to grow through the award levels by strengthening their commitment and care for their urban trees.

The green award represents the highest PLANT honor to recognize a community that has developed a well-established urban forestry program. This coveted award is reserved for programs that are funded, fully functional and staffed by qualified professionals (including volunteer assistance).

For more information contact LSC Co-chairs Patrick Merryman or Donna Anderson.


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