The Hilltop Institute Leadership Transition

From Elliot Hirshman, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Antonio Moreira, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

It is with mixed feelings that we inform you that Charles Milligan, Jr., Executive Director of The Hilltop Institute, has accepted the position of Deputy Secretary for Health Care Financing with the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).

Chuck Milligan has been Executive Director of Hilltop for the last seven years. Under his leadership, Hilltop has continued to play a major role in the formulation of health program policy for the State of Maryland through its work with DHMH. Among the many reports and briefs prepared by Hilltop during Chuck’s appointment, we note the final report on Health Care Reform in Maryland released on January 10, 2011 by Governor O’Malley’s Health Care Reform Coordinating Council that was led by Chuck Milligan. Chuck also led President Bush’s federal Medicaid Commission and Hilltop wrote the final report submitted to Congress in 2006.

In addition, Chuck has done an outstanding job at growing and diversifying the research funding base for the Institute. He was able to win major contracts with various other states as well as to increase very significantly the funding received by Hilltop from several foundations and federal agencies such as NIH. The national visibility of Hilltop was also raised via the establishment of the Annual Symposium series centered on a specific “hot” issue in health care policy which has brought to UMBC many national leaders on such issues.

We appreciate all that Chuck has done to strengthen and expand The Hilltop Institute and look forward to continuing to work with him in his new position at DHMH. Please join us in thanking him and wishing him the best at DHMH.

Chuck’s last day at UMBC is Friday, March 18. We are pleased that Mr. Michael Nolin has accepted an appointment as Interim Executive Director of The Hilltop Institute, effective March 21, 2011. Michael has been at UMBC since 1996 when he was initially appointed Director of Managed Care with the Center for Health Program Development and Management (CHPDM, former name for The Hilltop Institute). He has been Deputy Director for Hilltop/CHPDM for nearly ten years, having served once as Interim Executive Director during 2003.

A national search for a permanent Executive Director of Hilltop will be initiated later in the spring.

Please join us in wishing Michael Nolin the best in his new role.


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