Welcome Recently Hired Staff to UMBC

To our recent staff new hires and re-hires:

We are delighted you have chosen UMBC as your place of employment, and we welcome you to the campus community.

Each new employee comes to UMBC with a unique set of skills, abilities and talents. You have the opportunity to contribute directly to UMBC’s success and our primary objectives: (1) to be one of the best public research universities in the nation; (2) to be a major resource for Maryland and greater Baltimore; and (3) to create a campus community that finds enrichment in cultural and ethnic diversity.

Again, welcome to UMBC, and we hope that your experiences here are rewarding.

Rae Gallagher, Shriver Center
Karen Hope, University Health Services
Jarrett Kealey, Office of Undergraduate Education
Janice Kefauver, Student Life
Sarah Lesperance, Shriver Center
Jessica Myers, Women’s Center
Charles Wahl, Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education
Kristin Waters, Registrar
John Welby, MIPAR
Rita Williams, K-12 Initiatives
Tiffany Williams, Intercollegiate Sports Administration
Christopher Yeiser, The Hilltop Institute


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