Managing Across: Having Accountability Conversations with Colleagues and Customers (5/12)

When you are not holding co-workers and customers accountable, it costs you in terms of lost productivity, low morale and unresolved conflict. When you do bring up challenging issues and resolve them thoroughly without getting angry or anxious, your stress decreases and productivity accelerates.

In this interactive workshop, Suzanne Kryder helps you develop a confident communication style for setting healthy boundaries and being known as a team player. You will learn how to work effectively with people with differing communication styles; identify negative judgments of colleagues that reduce your ability to completely resolve work issues; use a four-step formula for delivering and receiving behavioral feedback and making requests; disagree without being defensive, angry or afraid; and facilitate a conversation to help two colleagues resolve a disagreement or conflict.

The workshop will be Thursday, May 12, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., in the University Center, Room 312.

Register by Wednesday, May 4, at:

Get a flyer with details at:


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