Office of Financial Services Launches New Financial Reporting Tool

The Office of Financial Services is pleased to announce the successful launch of T-REX (Transactional REX), the financial reporting tool of the future for UMBC. T-REX is built on the iStrategy software and is a data warehouse of official PeopleSoft financial data. The data is reconciled daily by Financial Services staff to ensure complete accuracy. Rollout of the first set of reports, the equivalent of the current (Retriever) Department Summary and Detail reports, has begun. Additional training is available through the UMBC training website.

Anyone currently using Retriever that would like to be trained in the new reporting system is encouraged to sign up. Early reviews are very positive as the speed, accuracy and overall intuitive nature (with direct drill down to additional details) are vastly superior to that of Retriever. Additional features such as automated e-mailing of reports and easy downloads to Excel & PDF formats are proving very popular./p>

The Reports Subcommittee along with Kevin Joseph of DoIT have been very instrumental in development of this product. Sincere thanks for their efforts.


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