Seth Sawyers, English, on The Morning News

Seth Sawyers, adjunct faculty member of English, was recently published in the daily online magazine “The Morning News.” His personal essay, “The Impossible Everything That Everybody Wants,” is the first chapter of his nearly finished memoir, “The Skinny Part,” in which he describes growing up in Western Maryland as a stutterer who had problems eating.

“Maybe the food and the stuttering that came in waves were all tied up, and maybe I was all tied up on the inside. I got good grades and teachers liked me but the stutter was always there and I couldn’t eat right and some of my friends’ thighs were as big as my chest and all of it tied my tongue, and my stomach, which tied up my tongue even more. I had the ability to work myself into a 60-pound knot,” he writes.

The essay was published on January 26 and can be read here.


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