Thomas Schaller, Political Science, in the News

In his last Baltimore Sun column, Thomas Schaller, associate professor of political science, examined the impact of violent language in conservative rhetoric following the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others. In his current column, “Violence on the Right: More Evidence,” Schaller responds to the flood of comments he received with a discussion on domestic terrorism. Schaller argues that although “the overwhelming majority of conservatives neither engage in nor incite violence… it is almost always conservatives who use violence, even murder, to express political anger.” Weigh in on the debate by posting a comment.

In advance of the State of the Union, Schaller commented in Politico on the low profile that potential GOP 2012 presidential contenders are keeping, suggesting that it is due to a stated desire to delay the start of campaigning. In “2012 Republican Field Keeps Low SOTU Profile,” he said, “It’s puzzling that none of the potential GOP contenders has aggressively and fully jumped into the residential fray at this point, and the lack of response from any of them to the State of the Union continues that pattern.”


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