Library Default for Printing and Photocopying Changing to Double-Sided

The Library has implemented double-sided (duplex) printing as the default setting on printers. Unless users make an effort to change to single-sided printing, print jobs will come out double-sided. The change was implemented in response to student requests, with the approval of the Library Policy Committee, because duplex printing is “greener” than simplex printing and saves money for the Library. A similar change in photocopying is forthcoming. User cost per page side will remain the same as it is now.

Faculty members: begin to accept double-sided work from students if you are not doing so already. Better yet, accept it in online format, which is, of course, the greenest practice. However, if you still must require work to be submitted printed and single-sided, alert your students to the need to change printing settings when they print their work in the Library.

For further information, comments and suggestions on the duplex default setting, email or call ext. 5-2356.


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