Sargent Shriver’s Legacy: UMBC Shriver Center in the News

UMBC’s Shriver Center was featured in the national media as the public focused on Sargent Shriver’s legacy following his death on January 18, at age 95.

UMBC Center Carries Shriver Name, Spirit” in the Baltimore Sun, recognizes the extraordinary impact the Shriver family has had on Baltimore communities through an “intimate effort in [their] home state—a center at UMBC that [applies] academic expertise to solving the problems of Baltimore and urban America at large.” UMBC’s Shriver Center, founded in 1993, is named after R. Sargent Shriver and the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver in recognition of their historic commitment to service. It houses both the Peaceworker Program (where Returned Peace Corps Volunteers combine graduate study, service and reflection) and the Choice Program (a national at-risk youth intervention initiative founded by Mark Shriver).

The Shriver Center was also mentioned in USA Today and Bloomberg News, and on WYPR, as Maryland Morning rebroadcast a 2007 interview with UMBC Vice Provost John Martello, executive director of the Shriver Center, for the program “Remembering Sargent Shriver.” Chicago’s WVON broadcast a new interview with Martello, highlighting Shriver Center programs and Sargent Shriver’s civil rights and anti-poverty activism.

UMBC Erickson School Professor William Thomas was featured in the Baltimore Sun’sShriver Family Gave Voice to ‘Silent Epidemic’,” where he commented on the Shriver family’s efforts to change the public perception of people with Alzheimer’s disease following Sargent Shriver’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2003. The article was re-posted by the LA Times and Chicago Tribune.


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