Passing of Sargent Shriver

From: Freeman Hrabowski, President, and John Martello, Vice Provost and Executive Director of the Shriver Center

As many of you know, the Honorable Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr., died yesterday near his home outside of Washington, DC. He was 95. UMBC’s Shriver Center, founded in 1993, is named after him and the late Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver in recognition of their historic commitment to service.

Mr. Shriver served as the first director of the Peace Corps in the administration of President John F. Kennedy, his brother-in-law. His achievements touched the lives of millions of Americans, both through the Peace Corps and through his efforts as the leader of President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” Read more about his life and legacy at

He worked with UMBC’s leadership to champion the role of higher education in addressing some of the nation’s most pressing social problems; to craft the Shriver Center’s original mission statement and assemble its first national advisory board; to create the Shriver Peaceworker Program; and to create the Shriver Living Learning Community in Erickson Hall. Shriver Center founder John Martello worked closely with Mr. and Mrs. Shriver’s son, Mark, the founder of the Choice program, to bring this nationally recognized initiative to UMBC. The Shrivers were our supporters and our friends.

Additional information on the Shriver Center can be found at View a short video describing the Center’s impact on our students here.

I know the campus joins us in offering condolences to the Shriver family, to our Shriver Peaceworkers, and to our colleagues in the Shriver Center.


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