Warren Belasco, American Studies, in the Baltimore Sun

Warren Belasco, American StudiesMore and more chefs, tapping into the local-foods movement, are getting their pork, beef and other meats straight from nearby farmers. Often, that means buying the whole animal. But then chefs find themselves wondering: Once the prime cuts are gone, what do they do with the other 100 pounds of pig?

“You have all these parts of the animal that people don’t know what to do with anymore,” said Warren Belasco, professor of American Studies and author of the book “Meals to Come: A History of the Future of Food.” As a result, local chefs—and diners—are re-learning to embrace cuts of meat that do not traditionally appear on fine dining menus.

The story, “Chefs Try to Figure Out How to Use the Whole Hog,” appeared January 11 in the Baltimore Sun.


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