Redefining Stress (2/24)

In this provocative and interactive session, we will explore our relationship with stress and discover new ways of dancing with it. Through a “being” rather than “doing” approach, we will get beneath the typical stress management techniques (e.g., yoga, meditation, breathwork), to uncover the root place where stress originates—in our language, emotions, and body. In expanding our “frame of reference” we can co-create a more empowered response to stress and move from stress to ease. Participants will learn what stress is and uncover common misconceptions; powerful shifts you can make in your language, body, and emotions to work with it more effectively; and several practices to help you manage your stress in the workplace and in life.

The workshop will be Thursday, February 24, 9-11:30 a.m., in the University Center, Room 312.

Register by Wednesday, February 16, at
Get a flyer with details at


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