UMBC Students’ Film on Post-Quake Haiti in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun

“The earthquake robbed Huguens Jean and Clifford Muse of the ability to fulfill a final promise to their grandfather,” begins reporter Childs Walker. “It did not, however, crush their desire to celebrate the man who had imbued in them a love of stories.” The brothers—both UMBC students—returned to Haiti post-earthquake to honor their grandfather by building a kite in his memory. Their journey resulted in the new documentary film “Lift Up,” co-directed by Jean and UMBC alumnus Phillip Knowlton, which screened in December at the Embassy of Haiti and will be coming soon to UMBC.

Haitian Brothers Make Film About Joy Amid Devastation in Homeland” appeared January 3 in the Washington Post, and “UMBC Students Finish Film About Haiti’s Resilience After Earthquake” appeared December 28 in the Baltimore Sun.

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