Thomas Schaller, Political Science, in the Baltimore Sun

In his most recent Baltimore Sun column, Thomas Schaller, associate professor of political science, argues, “‘Hope’ is nice, but it won’t balance the public checkbook, help the middle class, or turn this economy around. A heavy dose of ‘nope’ from President Obama is long overdue.” Describing the two-year federal employee pay freeze as largely symbolic when it comes to trimming the budget, Schaller suggests the president “should stand firm against tax cuts for the wealthiest,” citing a Congressional Budget Office estimate that by 2013, “the Bush-era tax cuts, if left in place, will account for more of the structural federal deficit than the spending on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the stimulus package and the bailouts—combined.”

The article, “Obama Should Ditch ‘Hope’ and Try for ‘Nope’,” appeared December 13 in the Baltimore Sun.


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