UMBC Training Centers Featured on WJZ-TV 13

Reports indicate that cyber attacks are on the rise in drastic numbers and thefts of data cost the US economy $20 billion a year. Jon Lau, Director of the Center for Cybersecurity at UMBC Training Centers, explained to WJZ-TV 13 that “The bad guys are always coming up with better ways to attack us and we need to be innovative in the kind of training and systems we develop.”

UMBC is at the leading edge of developing high-quality cybersecurity programs for those looking to enter or grow in the field. UMBC Trainings Centers currently offers five certificates in Cybersecurity designed to help employers fill jobs. Additionally, UMBC recently launched a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity for those looking to further their education in this emerging field.

“We constantly hear from our government and commercial sector partners that their number one need is hiring and developing employees with the education, training and skills needed to address the cyber threat,” said UMBC Training Centers Vice President Kent Malwitz. “And we’re working constantly to help to fill and maintain that pipeline.”

The article, “Maryland at Forefront of Cyber Security Job Training,” appeared December 3 on WJZ-TV 13.


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