Dining Services Gift Cards

Need a great gift idea? The UMBC Dining Services Gift Card is your answer! This card can be used at any of the 16 dining services locations on campus.

You might find this to be the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday, or other occasions such as graduations, birthdays or to convey a special thank you! These cards are available from $5 to $100.

Gift cards are easy to purchase through the Campus Card Office, University Center, 1st floor with two options:

  • Stop by Campus Card during normal business hours, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and pay for your card purchase by check or with funds on your Campus Card (Retriever or Food Fund Dollars); or
  • If more convenient, you can pre-order your card by e-mail, campuscard@umbc.edu, and pick it up at the Campus Card counter (for security reasons, gift cards cannot be sent through campus mail).

Campus Card can deduct the payment directly from your Campus Card account. You may deposit funds to your card account at any time through myUMBC. (Web-based deposits are subject to the standard campus transaction fee of 2.75%.)

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