Christopher Corbett, English, in Style

In his “The Back Page” column for Style magazine, Christopher Corbett, professor of the practice, English, wrote about the importance of tipping the garbage collectors in Baltimore City. “I do not believe that in the city of Baltimore there is anyone more deserving of a few simoleons when the Nazarene’s birthday looms than the dependable men (they are mostly men) of the sanitation department. Theirs is not an easy or a pleasant lot. Never mind rain, snow, sleet, hail and dark of night. Our garbage men are faithful. Bright and early on sweltering summer days or in the bleak midwinter they are on their appointed rounds, interrupted only when the city cannot plow the streets in a big snowstorm. They deserve a tip,” he wrote.

The column, “The Other Tipping Point,” appeared in the December 2010 issue of Style.


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