Maryland Charity Campaign: Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Did you know…?

$1 per work day, or $260 per year, would provide:

  • 1,300 pounds of food that can be distributed to people in need – this translates to 838 meals to hungry Marylanders across the state
  • A daily snack for an abused child in an afterschool program
  • Nine hours of addiction counseling for two women
  • Enough to raise and transplant 5,200 pollution filtering oysters
  • Twenty-one four-foot native trees that can be planted as a streamside buffer
  • 100 prepared meals served in a homeless shelter
  • Support for ten senior citizens so they don’t have to choose between food and medicine
  • Vaccinations for 208 dogs for kennel cough
  • Feline leukemia test for 24 cats
  • A hotel room for three families victimized by a disaster and left homeless in the middle of the night
  • Six nights in a shelter for victims of domestic violence—including nutritious meals, access to clothing and personal care items, and case management and referral coordination.

At the end of Week 3, we have recorded more than 600 pledges and donations from UMBC faculty, staff and students. With only one week to go, we are sure we can get to our goal of 1,000 donors by November 19. If you missed the Kindle drawing this week, don’t feel left out! Many area businesses and UMBC departments have donated prizes and gift certificates as incentives for our Maryland Charity Campaign. A drawing for these prizes will be held at the President and Provost Holiday Open House on December 15. All donors to the Maryland Charity Campaign will be eligible for the drawing.


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