Donald Norris, Public Policy, in the News

Donald Norris, professor of public policy, was featured in a variety of post-election coverage.

In Howard County, voters re-elected incumbents from both major political parties. “Just good government, so why change horses?” said Norris, speculating on voters’ thoughts.

The article, “Howard Voters Stick to Status Quo, Re-elect Incumbents,” appeared November 4 in the Baltimore Sun.

The Republican Party was strongly supported in many Maryland suburbs. “Harford has been trending Republican for 20 years,” Norris said. “Carroll County is and always has been Republican,” he added.

The article, “GOP Stays Strong in Some Suburbs, But Not Howard,” appeared November 3 in the Baltimore Sun.

Governor Martin O’Malley defeated former Governor Bob Ehrlich in Maryland’s general election. “The O’Malley campaign just steamrolled the Ehrlich campaign,” said Norris. “They got more money, stayed on message, got out early and kept going. If you want to draw a parallel, it’s consistent with O’Malley’s personality, which is hard-charging…and Bob Ehrlich’s, which is laid-back. But his campaign just never seemed to get off the ground.”

The article, “O’Malley Turns Back Ehrlich’s Challenge,” appeared November 3 in the Washington Post.


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