Visual Arts Performance: Lost and Found (11/12)

DeShawn White, Corey Hennessey, Julia Celtnieks, Phillip Vannoorbeek, Shannon Ziegler and Anderson Wellst will perform two performances of “Lost and Found” at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture on Friday, November 12, at 3 and 4 p.m. Admission is free.

During the performance “Lost and Found,” an actor speaks gently into a candle flame while a projected video appears to flicker in sync with their words. Projected images reveal stark stories of loss to a frenzied chaotic patterning of internet activity. Imaging Research Center (IRC) Fellowship students facilitated a collaborative script that emerged from the UMBC community and global responses from the social networking sites: Craigslist, Facebook,,, and From the responses, the students created a multi-media archive of handwritten, email, social networking and real postings responses that answered questions such as “when did you loose your way?” Actors unveil a live edit of the archival narrative by whispering into a candle flame. Two performances will exhibit the random outcomes of navigating these personal narratives using the brief flickering of a flame.

The IRC Fellows created animation, audio, video and made props with light detecting sensors, composed an interface design with Isadora software by Mark Coniglio, open sound control (OSC) and a Gluion hardware interface. IRC Fellows are Eric T. Brightfield, Timothy B. Bubb, Miguel A. Calderon, Brandon M. Callahan, Phillip Louis Cashiola, Emily Rose Kimak, Rachel M. Kreutzinger, Michelle-Marie D. Martir, Tamara Catherine Peters and Patrick B. Sedlander.

“Lost and Found” is co-created and directed by Lisa Moren and Alan Kreizenbeck.

This project is grateful for the support of the Imaging Research Center (IRC), the Visual Art Department Production Center and the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture. Special thanks to all the theatre students and online network participants who shared their stories.

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