UMBC Featured in Election Coverage

Don Norris, professor of public policy, discussed the perilous situation for Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil. “That district should by all rights be a Republican district all the time,” he said. “My guess is that Kratovil is in some considerable danger.”

The article, “Control of House Could Hinge on Md. Rematch,” appeared October 29 in the Washington Examiner.

Suburban voter turnout was expected to be more forceful than during the primaries. Todd Eberly, public policy Ph.D., discussed the various factors that could drive voters to the polls.

The article, “Early Suburban Maryland Vote Totals are Strong,” appeared October 30 on Columbia Patch.

As former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s campaign lost momentum, it looked unlikely that he would upset Governor Martin O’Malley on Tuesday’s election. “He’s got a tough hill to climb, no matter how good a campaign he runs,” said Laura Hussey, assistant professor of political science.

The article, “Ehrlich Has Struggled to Capitalize on Anti-Incumbent, Pro-Republican Trends,” appeared October 31 on Citybizlist Baltimore.

Baltimore County’s fiscal health has become a contested issue. GOP members say the county spends too much while Democrats argue the county’s financial situation is strong.

“I’m one who believes the bond rating agencies are not always right,” said Roy T. Meyers, professor of political science “But in this case, I believe they are. It’s an extremely well-run county.”

The article, “GOP Says Balto. Co. Spends Too Much; Democrats Argue Fiscal Health is Strong,” appeared October 30 in the Baltimore Sun.

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