UMBC E-Cycling Day (11/16)

In celebration of National America Recycles Day, The Retriever Sustainability Events Team is sponsoring the third annual E-Cycling Day on 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Tuesday, November 16, in the Commons Main street and Commons Circle (curbside service).

What items can be brought?
Bring your computers, laptops, printers, copiers, TVs, fax machines, keyboards, CD players, scanners, shredders, vacuum cleaners, speakers, cables/cords, telephones, DVD players, microwaves, VCRs, radios and anything else that plugs in or runs on batteries. (Anything with a cord.)

Where will items be recycled?
Computer Donation Management, Inc. (CDM) is a Maryland Corporation in Baltimore City providing responsible handling of e-waste materials for the Mid Atlantic region. According to CDM, e-waste is another word for electronic or equipment waste that is no longer usable or unwanted. It is sent to one of many equipment specific dismantling departments where it is manually separated and sorted into final recovery of raw materials.

Why is this important to UMBC?
E-cycling Day is an opportunity for the campus community to actively participate in UMBC sustainability efforts. This event grew out of the Green and Clean Rally. The UMBC Green and Clean initiative serves to educate, inform and unite the community in fostering clean environments in which we study, work and live in. It is supported by the leadership of the campus.

What’s next and how do I get involved?
The Retriever Sustainability Events Team consists of representatives from The Commons, Facilities Management, OCSS, SGA, GSA, ORL, and UHS, SEA. The team plans fun events to promote, educate and inform the community about recycling and sustainability. We are now gearing up for Recyclemania 2011. Please contact Donna Anderson at or Derrick Johnson at for information on how your organization can join or if you have questions about future events.


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