SkillSoft Topic of the Month: Getting Results without Direct Authority

These set of four hour-long modules are appropriate for developing the skills that will help you obtain the positive results you need in the workplace without using direct authority. Through these modules, you will learn how to build relationships and credibility, practice the law of reciprocity, use persuasive communication and learn how to build a partnership with your boss in order to influence him or her. These modules are suitable for anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for getting results when they do not have direct authority over the people responsible for doing the work.

The first module will teach you how to recognize how to build credibility at work so that you can get the results you need. The second module will help you identify examples of possible trades you can offer to gain influence. The third module will help you recognize how to communicate persuasively to get the results you need. Lastly, the fourth module will help you recognize how to influence your boss to give you more responsibility or direction.

By the end of the four hours, you will be adept and knowledgeable on the influential, positive and appropriate skills that will enable you get results without the use of direct authority.

Building Relationships and Credibility: Course number comm_27_a01_bs_enus
Reciprocity: Course number comm_27_a03_bs_enus
Persuasive Communication: Course number comm_27_a02_bs_enus
Influencing Your Boss: Course number comm_27_a04_bs_enus

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