Margie Burns, English, Included in “Cenage Course Reader: Shakespeare”

Margie Burns, lecturer in English, had an article on Shakespearean comedy chosen by Cengage Learning for “Cengage Course Reader: Shakespeare.”

“Odd and Even in As You Like It,” originally published in “Allegorica, vol. 5 (1980),” will appear in the “Gale CourseReader: Shakespeare” in January 2011.

The customizable online reader contains reading selections designed for use by teachers in connection with nine of Shakespeare’s most commonly taught plays including “As You Like It,” to complement discussion of the plays in class. Cengage requested permission from Sara van den Berg at St. Louis University, editor of Allegorica, to re-publish the article.

Burns’s article discusses how linguistic and structural unities in “As You Like It” reinforce the central importance of harmony. Both the tongue-in-cheek internal threats to harmony, Jaques and Touchstone, have a major set speech riffing on the number seven, and in a structural comment on their crotchets, each of these spectator types also appears on stage exactly seven times. The play supports positive engagement in what Rosalind calls “the full stream of life.”

The original article citation is accessible through Albin O. Kuhn Library in the “World Shakespeare Bibliography.”


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