Catch UMBC Faculty on Baltimore News Election Night

When you tune in to election night news coverage on November 2, keep an eye out for some familiar names. UMBC professors Donald F. Norris (Public Policy) and Roy T. Meyers (Political Science) will discuss the election as returns come in: Norris on WBAL-TV (channel 11) with Lead Investigative Reporter Jayne Miller and Meyers on WYPR 88.1 FM with Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith.

Don Norris, chair of the Department of Public Policy and director of the Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR), is a specialist in urban politics, public management and e-government. Local, regional and national news media regularly contact him to provide commentary and analysis on Maryland government and politics; he has contributed to USA Today, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, AP, local NBC and CBS news and

Roy Meyers focuses on the reform of state and federal budgetary processes, priority-setting, attempts to limit earmarks and the roles of elected officials (such as the governor’s power). He recently produced the report “Budget Questions for the Maryland Election and Beyond” and wrote for The Baltimore Sun on how Maryland can avoid cuts by educating the public about vital services. He has also appeared on “Maryland Morning” with Sheilah Kast.


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