Maryland Charity Campaign: More Meaningful Than Ever

From John Jeffries and Lynne Schaefer, 2010 Maryland Charity Campaign Co-Chairs

Dozens of our colleagues who have volunteered to serve as Maryland Charity Campaign coordinators in departments across the campus will begin reaching out to ask you to participate in UMBC’s 2010 Maryland Charity Campaign, October 20-November 19. The campaign raises vital funds for nonprofit organizations that serve pressing community needs, from basics like food and shelter to education and job training to prevention of health problems that can affect any of us.

Last year, UMBC set another record of generosity in the Maryland Charity Campaign with 1,018 donors – the highest participation by far among Maryland public colleges and universities. For the third consecutive year, UMBC earned the Governor’s Cup for contributing the most dollars ($164,472) of any state agency in our size range.

UMBC has shown itself time and again as a caring community. As our State’s economy and those in greatest need of our support continue to struggle, more people than ever need our help. Our goal this year is to once again reach at least 1,000 donors through gifts of any size. Please look carefully at the giving opportunities booklet your coordinator shares with you and consider a gift of any amount.

UMBC’s outstanding record of support for those in need is a wonderful statement about the values of our campus. While the current economic situation continues to make it challenging to give, we also have the opportunity to be thankful for what we have and to show support for individuals who are facing greater challenges as a result of lost jobs, lost homes and other circumstances. Please remember your gift is more meaningful than ever.

Thank you.


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