Zeynep Tufekci, Sociology, in the New York Times and Washington Post

Some social media users find the need to put walls between groups of friends online. “Your mom and your boyfriend are rarely in the same room,” she said, “and that’s why Christmas and Thanksgiving are such a stressful time for people, because their worlds collapse. On Facebook you’re in a long extended Thanksgiving dinner with everyone you ever knew, and people find that difficult to deal with,” said Zeynep Tufecki, assistant professor of sociology.

The article, “The Many Faces of You,” appeared October 16 in the New York Times.

As more social networking sites launch, users are faced with the possibility of site overload. “The academic in me feels like, ‘Oh, this will be interesting,'” Tufekci said. “The user in me goes, ‘Oh nooo, another one!'”

The article, “Keeping up With Social Networking Sites: How Much is Enough?” appeared October 19 in the Washington Post.


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