Thomas Schaller, Political Science, in the News

Thomas Schaller, professor of political science, said that Former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s performance during the October 14 debate was his strongest of the campaign, but was unsure if it would alter the race. “The problem for Ehrlich is he has to win some of these debates by two touchdowns. On his strongest day, it’s more like he took it to overtime and prevailed by a field goal,” he said.

The article, “Md. Gov’s Race Spinning Toward Colorful Conclusion,” appeared October 15 in the Washington Post’s “Maryland Politics” blog.

While campaigning for fellow Democrats, President Obama has found his travels mostly confined to the same states in which he campaigned in 2008. “Obama is not unlike previous presidents who in election years go where they can help their party’s candidates and avoid places where they either can’t help or could even hurt fellow partisans,” said Schaller. “In this cycle, for Obama that means avoiding the South and conservative areas of the non-South.”

The article, “Obama Campaign Trail Shuns Hostile Areas,” appeared October 17 in the Washington Times.

Schaller also wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post. “Political condescension also takes one of two forms: The first is simplifying politics into black-white options and results, when in fact most policy choices are rather complex, and the consequences of these choices are a murky grey; the second is being too cute, too casual when talking to voters. Again, Mr. O’Malley tends to exhibit the first type, Mr. Ehrlich the second,” he wrote.

The article, “In Governor’s Race, Too Serious vs. Not Serious Enough,” appeared October 18 in the Washington Post.


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