Livewire: Celebrating Music from the 21st Century (10/27-30)

Discover the sound of new classical music at Livewire, October 27-30, a festival assured to stretch your ears and mind with bold compositions from the 21st Century, from striking to experimental to edgy. In dozens of concerts, lecture-recitals and presentations, the musicians of Livewire will explore untrodden paths as they premiere, perform and discuss new works from around the world created during the first decade of the new millennium, a period of both political and economic upheaval.

Join us for performances by the Ruckus ensemble, the Damocles Trio, the Hoffmann/Goldstein Duo, the Synchronous Trio, UMBC faculty Matthew Belzer, Lisa Cella, Tom Goldstein, Gita Ladd, Maria Lambros, E. Michael Richards and Airi Yoshioka, and many other eminent ensembles and soloists.

Presented by the UMBC Department of Music. For the complete schedule, visit

General admission to concerts: $10, seniors: $5, free with any student ID, free with a UMBC ID. Information: x52942,


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